domingo, 31 de maio de 2009

Richard Cheese - Aperitif for Destruction (2005)

Mais uma do mestre da classe!


Beirut - March of the Zapotec/Holland EP (2009)

Já que estamos indie,
nada mais apropriado.



E pohax Ulyssa, cadê o da Elza?

segunda-feira, 25 de maio de 2009

Zimmers Hole - When You Were Shouting At The Devil... (2008)

"Exodus was fucking wright. All the posers must DIE!"

In the case of Zimmer's Hole, the highly satirical side project of Strapping Young Lad/Fear Factory/Tenet members Byron Stroud and Jed Simon, may not have been formed in the lag time between activity, but it sure did get a kick start every now and then when the Devin Townsend led metal mainstay took a day or two off.

Official Site / Youtube / Descarrega!

quarta-feira, 20 de maio de 2009

Battle Of Mice - A Day Of Nights

* Julie Christmas (Made Out of Babies) - Vocals
* Josh Graham (Neurosis, ex-Red Sparowes, A Storm of Light) - Guitars, keyboards, and vocals
* Joel Hamilton (Book of Knots) - Drums
* Tony Maimone (Book of Knots, Pere Ubu) - Bass
* Joe Tomino (Fugees, Dub Trio, Peeping Tom) - Drums


segunda-feira, 11 de maio de 2009

Superjoint Ritual - Use Once & Destroy (2002)

Philip Anselmo has amassed himself legions of die-hard fans due to the immense popularity of the heavy metal band Pantera, and has taken the liberty to extend his vocal skills in many different directions throughout the years.
Use Once and Destroy
is the audio equivalent to having one's face reduced to pulp by a cement block, never allowing the listener to fully gain their composure with some of the most intense heavy thrash metal to be released in 2002.


domingo, 10 de maio de 2009

Richard Cheese - Lounge Against the Machine (2000)

Classe no seu estado mais puro!


At The Drive-In - Relationship of Command (2000)

Tinha esquecido o quanto esse disco é FODA!
Tem até participação do vovo Iggy.


quinta-feira, 7 de maio de 2009

Kingdom Of Sorrow

Para chutar alguns malditos traseiros!!!!

The seeds of KINGDOM OF SORROW were sown over a decade ago when a 16 year old HATEBREED front man (and avid CROWBAR fan) Jamey Jasta introduced himself to DOWN/CROWBAR guitarist Kirk Windstein at a show at Pearl Street in Northampton, Massachusetts.


terça-feira, 5 de maio de 2009

Frank Black - Frank Black (1993)

Velho de outro mestre.
Também dispensa apresentações.